Kwanzaa Decoration Balloons – Multi-Color (Red, Green, Black, Yellow) – 40 Latex Balloons – With Fun Festive Print – Celebrate African Heritage

  • Inflate each Kwanzaa balloons quickly to decorate and create a fun atmosphere for a traditional African celebration. Made durable and strong, these toy balloons do not pop while inflating.
  • Checked for quality before delivery, these helium balloons do not have holes in them saving you money from replacements. Enables you to have a hassle-free and effortless celebration of Kwanzaa with African-American family and friends.
  • The latex balloons for Kwanzaa do not have nasty chemical smell so you can safely inflate them with your family and friends – makes pre-celebration more fun and special.
  • With 40 pieces of perfectly shaped festive balloons for Kwanzaa decoration in one bulk, you can decorate your dinner table to make it look more radiant and festive. Serve the most delicious African traditional delicacies such as African creole and Kwanzaa slaw
  • Has 4 Metallic Colours (Red, Green, Black, Yellow) appropriate for the celebration. Create a festive Kwanzaa ambience your family and friends will enjoy, especially the kids.
UPC: 719318358559


Planning to set up a colorful Kwanzaa party? Here’s a pack of metallic colored latex balloons that you can decorate or give away as gifts!

Made of Latex:
Easy to blow up/inflate so you can create a fun, festive, and colorful Kwanzaa atmosphere quickly and easily.

Metallic Colours (Red, Green, Black, Yellow):
appropriate colors for a festive, fun, and radiant celebration of this African-American holiday. Create a festive Kwanzaa decorations table with this color pack as decorative accent. Your family and friends will enjoy, especially the kids.

Happy Kwanzaa” design:
clear, visible print perfect for the occasion.

Size is 12″:
perfect size for party balloons that makes the print visible and clear.

40 pack:
lots of multi-colored balloons to decorate or give away. Celebrate this African tradition by decorating this balloon pack with colors symbolizing different African principles.

Used as decoration for Kwanzaa period:
makes the party venue or your home look more attractive, colorful, and fun. Have fun setting up a Kwanzaa feast with these balloons to add life to the party table. The colors match with traditional Mkeka or table covers and the Mishumaa Saba or seven candles.

128 grams per pack:
lightweight so you can effortlessly decorate this balloon pack indoors or outdoors for a memorable and meaningful Kwanzaa period.

3.2 grams per piece:
lightweight for transport if given to a friend or taken to another person’s home. Have fun celebrating this week-long African-American holiday with your loved ones and friends.

Sold deflated:
inflate each piece by yourself or with family and friends. Consider inflating the Kwanzaa holiday balloons a game for the kids and kids at heart!