Valentine Plastic Shot Glasses For Singles

– Food Grade Polystyrene – Single On Valentine’s Day Design – Red & Pink – 24 Pack – Perfect For Parties – Celebrate Singlehood

  • 2 pack 12 oz. capacity makes these hard plastic glasses versatile – pour any kind of drinks in it such as juice, cocktail, wine, beer, or hard drinks. Provides bottomless shot guests can enjoy all night long.
  • Quality packaging ensures the shot glasses for Valentine’s Day arrive undamaged – ready to use for a grand celebration of friendship and singlehood.
  • Made of Food Grade Polystyrene so it does not break easily unlike glass. Each piece of premium shot glasses is carefully checked to make sure there are no cracks at the bottom.
  • Not too thin nor too thick – does not easily spill or break so party dresses/outfits of guests will not be stained or ruined. These red colored shot cups are lightweight, durable, and economical.
  • Each simple plastic shot glass is red or pink in color and has a Single On Valentine’s Day design. When drinking, anyone can feel that love is in the air even without a Valentino/Valentina, or friend with benefits.


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Single and loveless on a Valentine’s Day? There is no reason for drama. Drink the night away and celebrate singlehood with family, and friends using this stylish set of Valentine plastic shot glasses for singles.

Made of Food Grade Polystyrene:
Made of hard, solid plastic so it does not break easily as glass does. Lightweight, durable, and economical. Quality checked to make sure each premium shot glass does not have any crack.

Red & Pink Color:
perfect for party, very decorative so it adds color and life to the party table. Helps create a fun atmosphere for all.

12 oz. capacity:
This party essential for Valentine’s Day is versatile – pour any kind of drinks in them such as juice, cocktail, wine, beer, or hard drinks – provides bottomless shot for guests to enjoy all night long.

24 pieces in one pack:
Lots of solo shot cups used for big or small party events, catering, buffets, house party, etc.

Used as decoration for Valentine’s Day Party:
Perfect on your party table for a fun and festive Valentine party your guests will never forget.

Safe to drink from:
Chemical resistant and nontoxic. No harmful chemical smell to make your stomach turn and spoil your night with your fellow single friends.

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