Balloons For Halloween Decoration

– 100% Latex – Orange & Black Colors – Scary Frightening Pumpkin Design – 40 Balloons – Celebrate With Family & Friends

  • Frightening pumpkin design with two colors – orange on black, and black on orange. Perfect colors to create a fun or party atmosphere for you and your guests when dressed as vampires, ghosts, zombies, werewolf, witch, or monsters!
  • 40 pieces of perfectly shaped balloons in one pack – that’s a lot of balloons to create a fun and scary Halloween atmosphere.
  • Easy to inflate latex balloon toys. Tie them up easily as well when you are finished inflating to quickly create a fun Halloween atmosphere at your party venue.
  • The color balloons do not have nasty chemical smell – you can safely inflate them with your family and friends. Make it a game! Decide how big you want it to be and consider it a fun bonding activity.
  • High quality balloon pack: each piece has been checked to make sure they are delivered without holes in them. One piece is only about 0.1 ounces – light weight so it can easily float in air when filled with helium enabling you to have more fun celebrating Halloween with family and friends.
UPC: 788679262379


Looking for a perfect Halloween decor? Create a scary and fun Halloween party atmosphere with these latex color balloons. Made of Latex: Easy to blow up/inflate for a fun Halloween atmosphere. 2 bright and frightening pumpkin designs – orange on black, and black on orange: Perfect halloween colors to decorate a Halloween party venue with. Perfect size (12 inches): Fun and scary Halloween themed prints will be visible with this size for a perfect halloween party atmosphere that goes along well with any costume – be it zombie, ghost, vampire, monster, witch, or werewolf. 40 pieces balloons in one pack: Enough balloon toys to decorate an entire party venue with. Get a fun atmosphere to celebrate halloween. Perfect as decoration for Halloween: Makes the party venue more fun and exciting. Can float in the air if used with helium gas: Create a fun halloween ambience to enjoy with family and friends. Sold deflated: Inflate each toy by yourself or with family – make it a game! You can decide how big you want each balloon to be. Consider inflating the latex balloons a fun bonding activity with family and friends during Halloween. Fun and festive atmosphere to be had by all. Not suitable for children under 4 years old. Scroll back up and hit ‘Add to Cart’ to purchase.