Diwali Decorations – Happy Diwali Banner – 2 Pack – Rangoli Design – Multicolor – Festive Decor for Festival of Lights – For Home, School, Or Office – Celebrate Festival of Lights

  • Made of good quality materials with festive design – can be reused for next year so you can save money buying new party supplies each year. A perfect Diwali decoration for your party needs.
  • Visible “Happy Diwali” design with artistic font. The decorative banner for diwali comes in festive colors to match with different indian home decors – also perfect for school and office use.
  • Comes with rangoli design. Rangoli is a unique indian art pattern so it perfectly suits the occasion. Ensure that you will have a memorable celebration with Hindu family and friends – it’s a great background for picture taking, too!
  • Super affordable festive decor for diwali party that blends perfectly well with other traditional indian decors and home accents.
  • “Happy Diwali” is spelled out on separate multi-color panels so the novelty banner looks neat and clean for a fun celebration of festival of lights with family and friends.
UPC: 616576097063


Looking for festive decorative diwali banner for the festival of lights? Buy this “Happy Diwali” banner with rangoli art – perfect indian themed decoration for home, school, or office.

14 panels:
“Happy Diwali” is spelled out in every panel. Very neat artsy banner design for a fun diwali party with Hindu family and friends.

White string:
neutral color- does not appear untidy, matches the different colors of the panels.

Happy Diwali spelled out:
“Happy Diwali” is spelled out in every panel so the design is neat and visible.

Rangoli design at ends and between words:
Rangoli is a unique indian art pattern so it perfectly suits the occasion. It is one of the most recognizable symbols of indian culture – perfect design for the themed party. Suits the occasion so your family and friends will have a memorable celebration.

Multi color (red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple):
Fun colors to match with different indian home decoration items.

Each panel is 12cm by 12cm (4.72 in):
just the right size for the “Happy Diwali” design to be clear and visible. Perfect indoor or outdoor decor for a fun holiday celebration.

Length of string is 3m (118.11 in):
just the perfect length to display the color banner in your chosen party venue. Hang indoors or outdoors to welcome friends and family to a night of diyas and fireworks in honor of the Hindu god deity Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, and Lakshmi.