Father’s Day Apron

– White – Black Print – With Heart-Warming Quote – Fits Dads/Fathers/Papas/Daddies Perfectly – Has 2 Front Pockets – Prevents Stains While Preparing The Family’s Favorite Food

  • Quality made Father’s Day Apron to wear as protection from stains, so your dad will not have to change clothes after cooking.
  • The white adult apron perfectly fits adults with its adjustable straps – string that goes around the neck is approximately 20.5″ (52cm) while string that goes around the waist is approximately 17.7″ (45cm). Makes your father work efficiently in the kitchen while preparing food for the family.
  • Clear and readable quote in Black letters on this white apron for Father’s Day – a great reminder of father’s sacrifices as the family’s provider.
  • Properly sewn to make sure the adjustable string apron is durable – simply wash and reuse for next year’s Father’s Day holiday.
  • Has two front pockets (each pocket is 5 inches wide) where your dad can easily access some kitchen tools, hand towels, or even his phone while preparing food.
UPC: 719318358368


Prevent food stains when dad/father/daddy/papa feels like cooking or assisting mom in the kitchen.

Size 28″ x 23″ (70cm x 58cm):
perfectly fits adults of different body frames/sizes. Fits fathers perfectly well.

Father’s Day quote print design on the chest:
great to wear for the holiday – design matches the occasion and is a great reminder of father’s sacrifices as the family’s provider.

String around the neck is 20.5″ (52cm):
fits around the neck perfectly so it does not hang too low. Protects dad’s outfit from food stains.

String around the waist is 17.7″ (45cm):
adjustable to fit around waist. Comfortable to wear so your dad can work efficiently in the kitchen whenever he feels like cooking.

White apron:
makes the black print clear, visible, and readable. Your father will be inspired every time he cooks.

Black Print design:
clear print that perfectly matches the color of the fabric. The heart-warming quote can be read easily by your dad, grandfather, uncle, or relatives/friends who are also fathers.

Two front pockets:
dad can keep some kitchen tools, hand towels, or even a phone while preparing food, so he can work efficiently in the kitchen.

Each pocket opening is 5 inches wide:
your father can easily access a hand towel or some kitchen tools from the pockets whenever he feels like cooking, baking, washing dishes, etc.

Protection from stains:
your dad can cook the family’s favorite meals without worrying about his clothes getting stained. He won’t have to change his clothes after cooking.

Perfect to give to friends who are fathers:
does not cost much but is a very thoughtful gift. Make them feel special.