Happy Holidays Balloons

– 2 Xmas Colors: Berry Red & Lush Green – Party Decoration – 40 Metallic Latex Balloons – With Fun Festive Print – Celebrate The Season With Friends & Family

  • Inflate quickly and easily: these good quality latex balloons enable you to quickly create a fun Xmas party atmosphere. Each piece is made durable and strong so they will not pop while inflating.
  • High quality: Each piece of this balloon pack has been checked to make sure they are delivered without holes in them. Blow them up quickly to create a magical Christmas season decor to be enjoyed by all.
  • No nasty chemical smell: Safely inflate the assorted balloons with Happy Holidays design. Invite friends or relatives to come over and inflate each balloon – it will be a fun game.
  • 40 pieces: A bulk of perfectly shaped balloons enables you to create a festive Christmas atmosphere.
  • Has two Christmas colors: Berry Red and Lush Green – beautiful holiday colors to create festive decors with in your home or any party venue – indoors or outdoors.
UPC: 788679262485


Planning to organize a memorable Christmas party for your family and friends this Christmas? Here’s a balloon pack with “Happy Holidays” print to help you decorate your home or party venue.

Made of latex:
Easy to blow up and decorate for a party or gathering dedicated to your friends and family on the 25th of December.

Has two metallic colors:
Berry Red and Lush Green – beautiful holiday colors that signify Western Christmas traditions and customs.

12 inch balloon toys size:
Perfectly sized bunch of balloons to make the design “Happy Holidays” visible and clear.

40 balloons in one color pack:
A bulk of inflatable balloons to decorate and match with the colors of Christmas trees and go along with beautiful bright lights.

4.5 ounces per pack:
light weight for transport if given to a friend to show the spirit of gift-giving this season.

0.1 ounces per piece:
Light weight so each toy easily floats in air when filled with helium.

Sold deflated:
Inflate each easy to blow up balloon by yourself or with family and decide how big you want it to be. Make it a game! Consider it a fun bonding activity with family and friends. Fun, festive, and christmassy atmosphere to be had by all. Not suitable for children under 4 years old.